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Aerial fun at Skydive Sebastian!

Aerial fun at Skydive Sebastian!

Aircraft, Jump Types

The Huey will be returning for helicopter jumps: $75

We will also have our 2 Twin Otters and Caravan

High Altitude Jumps on Dec 30 and Dec 31: $45

Pre-purchase tickets at the event.
Limited slots (and they sell out fast!)

More details coming soon...

More details coming soon...


Crowning of Miss Invasion 2019 Contest

(yes, guys...if you are brave enough, we will doll you up)

DJ Rook Nelson returns to spin!

More Activities:

- Eating Contest
- Hit and Chugs
- Bullseye Drop
- Drinking Games
- Team Contests
- Novelty Jumps
- Dance Off

...Plus more surprises to come !!!

Irish singer/performer Paul Roske returns with his drum, guitar, and harmonica

More details coming soon...

2019 NYE Party

More details coming soon...

Looking to learn, have fun, and improve your skills in a safe group?
Sign up for a camp!

Whether you're looking for FS/RW, Free Fly, Angle or Canopy coaching, at Invasion this year, you can take advantage of getting your very own coach!
Enjoy 2-ways with our assigned coach for the day in your choice of discipline, in a thorough and structured learning environment where our organizer will cater entirely to your goals and skill level.

The best part? While private coaching usually costs a few hundred dollars per day, this coaching experience is completely free!

As long as you are registered for the boogie, you can sign up for private coaching.

Jumps are limited to two 1-on-1 skydives per student.
You will be placed in rotation and your second jump will be completed once every participant has had a turn with our designated coaches.
All coaches are chosen from the LO list provided for the boogie.

More details coming soon...


$25 Per Camp Per Day

December 28 2019

Novice / Intermediate Angle Novice / Intermediate Head Up Rookie Skills Camp

December 29 2019

Novice / Intermediate Angle Novice / Intermediate Head Up Rookie Skills Camp

December 30 2019

Novice / Intermediate Angle 8-way FS

December 31 2019

Novice / Intermediate Angle 8-way FS

Rookie Skills camp for men & women

Canopy Courses with Curt & Jeannie Bartholomew of The Alter Ego Project

More details coming soon...

Novice Head Up Camp participants must be able to:

- Hold Sit
- Safely approach other skydivers
- Execute safe break-off procedures

Novice Angle Camp participants must be able to:

- Flat track in groups
- Execute safe break-off procedures

Head Up Big Way Warm Up / Practice Camp participants must be able to:

- Safely approach the formation
- Safely break off from the formation

More details coming soon...

Pre-registration price before November 25 (with free t-shirt): $50

Pre-registration price from November 26 - December 20 (no t-shirt): $65

After December 20, registration will be available at the event.
Camps: $25 per camp (until full)

Rookie camp included with your registration

HALO (High Altitude - 20,000 feet) Jump Ticket for December 30 and December 31: $45 (1st loads)

Spectators (Not jumping): Free

More details coming soon...

Attention: Gathering all Shredders and Ninjas!
We will have numerous LO's from SDC CORE, SDC Rhythm XP, and Collective Pitch putting together challenging, fun, engaging skydives throughout the event!
No need to sign up for a camp, just join the group, have fun, and be safe.

Not a ninja, but want to just have a great time and be safe?
No problem!
We will have organizers for all levels.
Novelty jumps will be available too.

Our Organizers SDC CORE

Our Organizers SDC Rhythm XP

Our Organizers

Coming Soon
Brad Hunt
Brandon Kashani
Doug Dickey
Daniel Adams
Leslie Menetrier
Karen Woolem
Steven Simpson
Alex Bravo
Cindy Stroup
Ed Stroup
Chris Normandeau
Jeremy Tyler
Jon Jaworski

More details coming soon...

Our Videographers

Andres Mesa
Daniel Adams
Leslie Menetrier
Ralph Turner

More details coming soon...
Skydive Sebastian